Aluminum mast slightly bent

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Aluminum mast slightly bent

Post by ElHeffe »

As I was pulling out and de-rigging, I disassembled the 2 piece Gig Harbor aluminum mast. Unfortunately, the mast dropped off the boat and landed on the open edge. It is now slightly bent.
scamp bent mast.jpg
The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but it is definitely bent. (I added the red circle in an attempt to show the bend, which is just on the other side of the notch where the rivet fits; marked with an arrow).

The upper portion of the mast currently fits very tight in the mast and I can only push it down about an inch before it gets too tight to push any further.

What is the proper way to fix this? I've tried peening it out a bit with a hammer and I'm not succeeding. Is there a flare tool that I can use to round this out a bit better? Can I chuck a cone in my drill and just spin and push until it's round again? Where can I get a steel cone with that diameter?

I've even considered chopping off the top inch or so of the mast, but that seems like less fun.

Thanks for the help.
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Re: Aluminum mast slightly bent

Post by Peter E »

One approach I might try is make a wooden plug with a slight taper and tap it in.
Another approach if you have what car body men use to straighten tin. Some of those are rounded and could be put inside while lightly tap on the outside.

In a previous life I made more than one pipe round and then welded it. Most of those were steel or stainless pipe. We used dogs or clamps. Aluminum is different in that it stretches. A clamp that would work probably would cost more than the pipe.

If you got some 4" trees around that wouldn't be missed. You have some excellent plug material.
I have Aluminum mast It was a 3" irrigation pipe. It was a twenty foot pipe that had dent in one end that I cut off to get the correct length. I put a plug in the top. I believe Monies who built the Red Scamp also had a Aluminum Mast. If anybody near you does any irrigation that would be worth you wile to check with them.
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Re: Aluminum mast slightly bent

Post by simeoniii »

Chopping it would be easy if all other efforts fail. Especially as it is the short 4’-5’ section. It is easy to cut a short section like that evenly by rolling it on a band saw; of course 4 hands makes it easier, but I’ve done it solo.
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Re: Aluminum mast slightly bent

Post by Rob Hazard »

Do you know someone who has a wood turning lathe? You could turn a short wooden cylinder that fits loosely inside the dented end, wrap it with a piece of sandpaper, and sand out the inside of the offending flat spot until the joint goes together. Crude perhaps, but it would probably do the job.
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