10 SCAMP Questions Pt 2 of 4

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10 SCAMP Questions Pt 2 of 4

Post by ctbren »

Question 4:
Were the carlins and gunnels part of the original SCAMP Camp build, or were these added later?
20240107_161701 1024X768.jpg
Question 5:
Is current thinking to close up that access hole in bulkhead 7 and put an inspection port on top, between bulkheads 7 & 8?
20240107_161735 1024X768.jpg
Question 6:
I see some build blogs where there are tapered cleats between bulkheads 7 & 8 to support the cockpit sole.
I cannot find these in the build manual v.1.5 or on sheet 7 of the plans.
Is that one of those "nice to have" mods for more support, or is that a structural necessity?
20240107_161746 1024X768.jpg
Charles Brennan
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Re: 10 SCAMP Questions Pt 2 of 4

Post by max »

4. I can't tell you when they were added, but they're definitely important for the overall scamp build!

5. Yes, close that hole (as well as the smaller limber hole at the bottom where bulkhead 7 meets the garboard planks) in order to create two watertight sections. Access hatches should go either on the seat top or on the seat longitudinals opening sideways into the cockpit (where I put mine)

6. I think you're referring to the design to support scuppers. Personally, I didn't do this on my build. I read enough comments talking about how the scuppers didn't work well for getting water out of the boat, and I figure if I get any water in my boat it'll all collect in the footwell anyway, so I just continued the cleats along the seat longitudinals all the way to the transom from bulkhead 7 and put the sole in that way.
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Re: 10 SCAMP Questions Pt 2 of 4

Post by dsimonson »

Hello Charles! Nice to see you here, forum usage is a bit sporadic at times, but I like to check in now and again. To your questions:

4) Yes those carlins and gunwales were likely put in near the end of the initial "camp" build. That's about how far we got in Camp #1.

5) It depends on your storage requirements. Some use them for anchor and rode storage, so have sealed the openings in B7, but they're no longer buoyancy chambers because of openings through the bench tops, and perhaps drain holes into the "bilge" (actually the cockpit, definitely not overboard). I've left my B7 openings, and have no access hatches to them, for storing long things... like my two-part oars. This means my buoyancy chamber is the whole bench... about 40 gallons of water if it's holed! And, the most prudent would be to seal them, with an access port, for maximum buoyancy.

6) Those triangle bits came in the kit, here's mine during installation (photo attached, from the albums of my build on Flickr). Later, I put in a lazarette (and footwell) so they're superfluous in my my boat. But the scuppers worked great in my original, pre-modified boat, all the little dribbles ended up in them, and I sponged them out at the end of the day (no through hulls in them).

ImageAft end of sole has "scuppers" in each corner. These little cleats are from my "recycle" pile. by Dale Simonson, on Flickr
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Re: 10 SCAMP Questions Pt 2 of 4

Post by Rob Hazard »

Hello Charles,
I can see I'm late to the party here, but in answer to your question #5:

I use the compartment aft of B-7 starboard as my anchor rode locker. I have chocks built into the corner over the scupper to secure the anchor, an 11lb Claw. The compartment has a drain into the scupper and a 6" hole in the top for feeding the rode in. The space is confined enough that the rode feeds out reliably, just as it went in, without tangling.

In answer to Q #6: I decided to end the cockpit sole at B-7 and make one big scupper aft. I filled in the two oval holes under the sole and added a larger fillet to reinforce the joint between the transom and the bottom.

I closed up all the openings in the bulkheads under the seats and made 8 separate compartments, each with its own hatch in the seat above. It makes it easy to find stuff and also would limit the flooding from a collision or a capsize.

Rob Hazard "PUFFIN" #197
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