Scamps in the Northeast?

The place to discuss SCAMP (Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project), our 11' 11" micro minicruiser.

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Boston Sailor
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Scamps in the Northeast?

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Hi all,

I've stumbled at the Scamp recently, and I am really intrigued by this little boat. I don't think I have it in me to build it myself, but I can easily see myself buying it (or even ordering a new one from Gig Harbor).

Before I do that though, I would really like to see the boat in person. So: does anyone here have it in the Boston area, or in Northeast in general? I would happily buy you lunch/dinner/drinks if you show me your boat and perhaps take me for a short sail.

Or maybe somebody is selling?

Thank you!
Rob Hazard
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Re: Scamps in the Northeast?

Post by Rob Hazard »

Hi Andrew,
If you can wait until next spring, I'd be happy to show you Puffin (#197), which is in my garage in southern Maine. The boat is put away for the winter now, though, and we're on our way to Florida. If only you'd posted a month ago! :)

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