The place to discuss SCAMP (Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project), our 11' 11" micro minicruiser.

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Hi everyone,

Just finally got registered for the forums and wanted to introduce myself. I’m sure virtually all of you are on the Faceplant pages and have seen my posts there, but if not this is Rusty Knorr, owner of a new to me 2015 Gig Harbor SCAMP, yet to be renamed once I get the nerve to do it. I’m coming from a Montgomery 15, which I still have and which I did the first Salish 100 on. I bought the SCAMP because it fits in my garage, and I’ve been obsessed with them since the first time I saw one. I’m hoping it will become my new cruising boat, and replace the M15 which doesn’t fit in my garage.
I’m sure I’ll have a million questions for you all. Howard has been nice enough to be my sounding board thus far, and answer my endless newbie questions. Such an amazingly nice guy!

Here is a silly little video of my second time on the boat, most footage shot by Joel Bergen. Enjoy!
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Re: Introduction

Post by GregWads »

Welcome to the community. I am still building my Scamp and have no Scamp sailing experience, but there are many here who do.

Congrats on your purchase.
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