Companion way hatch designs

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Art Haberland
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Companion way hatch designs

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My 1963 Sea Sprite 23, Flirt, is about to enter the phase of her refit where I have to start rebuilding all the rotten wood what was aboard her. Sadly, her companion way sliding hatch was way beyond salvage and literally broke apart once taken off of my Sprite.

Anybody have a source for sliding companion way hatch plans?
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Re: Companion way hatch designs

Post by PAR »

There are several ways to make a companionway hatch, but the real difference is the way they slide, with some much better at not binding or letting boarding water over the trimmer carlins into the cabin. I have a two basic methods, one for small boats the other for larger, ocean capable craft, typically with a hood or slide "garage" at the forward end. Drop me an email and I can send you a PDF or JPG of the hatch files I ship with plans.
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