Roger Mann, Live and In Person...

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Roger Mann, Live and In Person...

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Roger Mann and his wife are flying from South Carolina to Port Townsend to take part in the upcoming Pocket Yacht Palooza, Saturday, July 18 at the Northwest Maritime Center. (In addition to the usual large collection of interesting small boats, this year's Palooza will spotlight some R2AK entries, including Roger's Hobie trimaran, the catamaran from Team Searunners, and others. Roger and some other Race to Alaska veterans will meet with Palooza boat owners and members of the general public for an open-ended session that'll start at about 11:30 a.m. on the 18th, in the midst of First Federal Commons boat-display area.)

So, if you've wanted to hear Roger's whole story, be there (and bring a small boat). The event is free to boaters, free to the public…and Saturday evening at 7 pm, following the boat show, our keynote speaker will be small-craft designer John Welsford, who will describe the 3-4 month big-water expedition planned by his friend Howard Rice, aboard a modified SCAMP. (Also discussed will be a documentary to be filmed on Howard's expedition--something that'll be of interest to a lot of small-boat fans.)

Finally, starting Sunday morning, July 19, a lot of Palooza attendees will take part in the 3-4 day Palooza Crooza…circling around Indian Island and Marrowstone Island with various overnight stops along the way. (Also free!)

To register your small boat for the Palooza, email Bob Miller at To sign up for, or ask questions about the Palooza Crooza, get in touch with me, Marty Loken, at

If you want more general information on the Palooza, go to the home of the sponsoring Port Townsend Pocket Yachters.

- Marty
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Re: Roger Mann, Live and In Person...

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Wow! Things just keep getting better and better. Palooza Pride and all that.

Marty, you're the best at these things! :D
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