High performance proa

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High performance proa

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How's this for a design brief: less than 21 ft proa with wave-piercing hulls and kick-up rudders. Should have a high performance sail plan which can be reefed while underway. Capable of being set up quickly, and paddled, by a one or two person crew. Stitch and glue construction, possibly carbon fiber rig. Bonus points for helm position being partially sheltered and a design plan to assist with re-righting.

Goal would be to bring catamaran speeds to the average builder without resorting to building a trimaran. Putting the mast in the boat, rather than suspended between two amas, should decrease complexity and engineering challenges. Only real difficulty is combining the need to retract the rudders with potential high speeds.
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Re: High performance proa

Post by boatsbabies »

Check John Harris' Pacific Proa at the Chesapeake Light Craft site here:
http://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/wood ... plans.html
He also has a 31' proa.
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