CNC in garage

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CNC in garage

Post by KurtL »

Hello all,

Rather than buying a kit and paying for shipping, I have been considering getting a tool like this and buying the files for kits.

Anyone given this a go? Might be a bit slow to CNC a whole kit, but it would be in my garage for future use.

Any one using this?

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Re: CNC in garage

Post by Winter_Hawk »

That is COOL! I wonder if I can convince my wife that we NEED one of those....
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Re: CNC in garage

Post by Scooter »

I had/have one, it is really cool, but...

1. It's slow, and you can't leave it alone while it's running.
2. It's really loud.
3. Occasionally the sled 'sticks' and drags the router head across whatever it is you're cutting. $120 Meranti? Oops.
4. It's consistent but not too accurate. It will have the same inaccuracies across multiple passes though so yay?
5. Speaking of inaccuracy, There's a magic triangle from the bottom corners to the middle top where the machine is least inaccurate. The closer you get to the top corners the more off it is. this can be reduced by a longer separation of the stepper motors but you need a stiffer beam. I used 10' but 12 would be better.
6. Depth per pass is about 1/8" max so even luan takes multiple passes.
7. Software is open source, so good and bad points to that.
8. Online g-code converters all used Flash so you have to figure out your tool chain.
9. Takes up a lot of garage space.

Basically I needed garage space for WWP parts and was going to need a new laptop to run the thing and have to figure out the new 'ground control' software so I dissembled it and kept the hardware for some other day.

Hope this helps,
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