Last sail of 2022

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Art Haberland
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Last sail of 2022

Post by Art Haberland »

My sailing season was short this year,postponed by hernia surgery for me back in late may and then the death of my Father in July, I did not get out till mid-August. It's been a heck of a year, that is for certain.
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Re: Last sail of 2022

Post by JacquesR »

Art, I always tell myself that there is next year, hoping it will be better. It's not always better but then I'm an eternal optimist. ;)
Captain Kidd
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Re: Last sail of 2022

Post by Captain Kidd »

Been there done that. I’ve been sailing for 23 years. In that span I’m guessing there have been several years with zero sailing! I’m a pastor so I’m always “on duty”. Birthdays, holidays, sailing all get bumped at times. But life goes on and there is always tomorrow. I just finished building a 15’6” lug Yawl. It’s been done a month and I’ve yet to get her out! You can imagine the itch to get her wet! The day will come!


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