Long Steps?

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Long Steps?

Post by miguelito »

Hi All,
Is anyone else curious about the mysterious "Long Steps" design by John Welsford? I hear it mentioned on and off, but have no idea what it is, though it sounds like a variation on the SCAMP design. Oh John......... can you fill us in?
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Re: Long Steps?

Post by dkelch »

A quote from John Welsford's blog:
"I've been thinking of a major expedition, voyage, whatever in a specially designed sail and oar boat. I've a route in mind, a boat drawn and begun, and there seems to be a lot of interest so I've posted a pic of the working drawing and todays progress on slicing up plywood on my blog at the link below."

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Re: Long Steps?

Post by wdscobie »

One is being built in ID. Howard Rice & Phi (a SCAMP builder) are taking on the project. Howard has posted some photos on his Facebook page ... maybe Howard will see this post and share some photos.
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Re: Long Steps?

Post by Autonomous »

I am having an estimate drawn up to have one professionally built.
Looking at other designs too. A simple one like CLC's Southwester Dory I may do myself but I don't like it as much.
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Re: Long Steps?

Post by Charlie P. (NY) »

It was featured in SCA #127 (pp. 58 & 59). I really like the looks of it. Definately "Skampish" but with a proper bow. Still unstayed and self-draining cockpit.

I'm a bit puzzled as the drawing shows a tillered rudder on the centerline behind a centerline mizzen. How-day-do-dat? Must be some kind of a line or lever-arm arrangement under the rear deck.

If I was 25 years younger I'd start on one. I've owned two sailboats with mizzens and they add some interest to a design.
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