Deeper Water, Gustier Winds..

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Deeper Water, Gustier Winds..

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After a year and a half of posting experience here...I launched myself 10 days ago on the Wooden Boat Magazine forum.

They host a catch-all division over there named "The Bilge" where any subject is fair game...

As some of you may know "order", or how the world is organized, is my pet interest. I had an old manuscript given to me years ago which I am using this new platform for to test out some some of the ideas and approaches out on..

I have enjoyed a long and successful career on the water, and have realized over the years that we boatmen are taught by the sea an exceptionally clear view of a broad range of reality.
That was my motivation to post here first and now to "graduate" to the busier and sterner idea-testing environment over there..

I don't plan on leaving this message board , and I greatly appreciate the warm hospitality of this site..

The new address: ... ng-we-know
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