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Anders Bjorklund
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Re: Scamp Hatch Kits

Post by Anders Bjorklund »

Good information, Dan. Thanks. Seat top hatches between bulkheads 5 & 6 might just be too handy to give up. Those are good locations for the hatch kits, since they sit flush are stay sealed well.
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Re: Scamp Hatch Kits

Post by cdb9554 »

I started installing these hatches in bulkhead 3 recently, and since I am going to install more of the large size, I decided to make a router jig - I then cut the two holes in BH3 with it and a top bearing router bit.

When I was sanding and filing the jig to get it just the right size, etc, I was thinking - it would be great if the same NC machine that cut the hatch lid, could be made to cut a router jig as well. It would save a fair amount of time, and would probably be more accurate than I can do by hand.

What do you think - could this be made available as a hatch kit accessory?

Craig Bryant
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Re: Scamp Hatch Kits

Post by miguelito »

Hi Craig,
I did the same thing with both sizes, and it came out quite well, and I think it's a great idea if Turn Point could provide them. In retrospect, I would pay $50 for the set and still come out ahead on time saved. Good suggestion!
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Rob Hazard
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Re: Scamp Hatch Kits

Post by Rob Hazard »

I am looking at the hatch options for bulkhead 3, and I've decided I would really like hatches large enough to crawl into, in case I need to make a repair or add a backing block or whatever up in the bow.

A quick mockup shows me that I can fit through an oval opening 12" x 18", so I may cobble up a pair of hatches that size if nobody comes out with them first.

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Re: Scamp Hatch Kits

Post by knasman »


When building Zephyr, I custom build the hatches in B3 for the same reason as you. I basically went three inches or so out from the mast box opening and then determined the height I wanted. I decided to mimic the angle of the cabin sides. This resulted in a hatch that is wider at the bottom than at the top. That extra bit of widening made them big enough for me to fit through to reach the stem. I created trim router templates out of cheap 3/8 in ply for cutting the hole and cutting the opening in the coaming.

I am in the process of installing hinges on the outboard sides and there is enough friction to hold them open while I'm accessing the locker.
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