10 SCAMP Questions Pt 3 of 4

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10 SCAMP Questions Pt 3 of 4

Post by ctbren »

Question 7:
I see the holes in bulkhead 6 for righting lines. Doesn't look like there is much wood to attach a line to, in order to jerk a hull upright. Do those holes require doublers?
20240107_161755 1024X768.jpg
Question 8:
To get that "SCAMP ramp" installed, I will have to cut into Bulkhead 3.
Does the bottom of the ramp attach to the bottom of the two longitudinal members, or is it slung/glued in between them?
20240107_161926 1024X768.jpg
Question 9:
I note fiberglass tape is installed on the hull-to-garboard planks, the bottom of the transom and the outside of the mast trunk.
I do not observe any fiberglass tape on the inside of the centerboard trunk, although it looks like there has been epoxy and graphite applied to the inside.
Will the inside of the centerboard trunk require fiberglass tape?
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Charles Brennan
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Re: 10 SCAMP Questions Pt 3 of 4

Post by max »

7. I don't think doublers will be needed myself, there won't be that much tension on this hole for a recovery rope. That said, doubling it wouldn't be hard.

8. The scamp ramp as designed actually fits between the two cabin top carlins and starts out lower then it, This pic here - https://keelandchine.com/scamp/20221013 ... ngRamp.JPG shows the cutout for the cabin top carlins (the gap in the top right of the bulkhead in the pic) and how much further below the ramp comes out. My kit came with the ramp, although again, if mine didn't, I'm not sure I'd add it in.

9. No tape required on the inside of the centerboard trunk. Looks like the centerboard trunk is finished assembly in your photo.
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Re: 10 SCAMP Questions Pt 3 of 4

Post by dsimonson »

8) Like you, I had to add the Scamp Ramp as it wasn't part of the plans at the time of Camp #1. There's a drawing of the parts required, by John Welsford... I'd attach it if I could. (Email me if needed.)

If I was to do it again, I'd extend a lip above the cabin top, to hold a mast boot. However, I don't get much rain on my pillow, I just stuff a rag in the mastbox drainhole before making my bed! (I average about 30 nights a year, aboard.)

Imageaft side of mast box, cut out for ramp modification by Dale Simonson, on Flickr

Imagethe mast-box ramp parts are glassed before cutting out by Dale Simonson, on Flickr

Imageusing a temporary filler block to hold the ramp parts in position during glue-up by Dale Simonson, on Flickr

Imageramp components glued together, now testing fit in boat by Dale Simonson, on Flickr

Imagegluing mast-box ramp in by Dale Simonson, on Flickr

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