10 SCAMP Questions Pt1 of 4

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10 SCAMP Questions Pt1 of 4

Post by ctbren »

Bought a partially complete SCAMP kit last month. Now that the Holidays are over, I can begin finishing in earnest.
Howard Rice originally built #637 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and had some concerns as to the build state being correct after he left the project.
So here are the things that I can see.

Question 1:
What year was this build done?
I see a mixture of modifications to current thinking, as well original designs, for example:
Ballast tank doubler and cockpit floor doubler (which I have no problems with) are newer modifications, according to what I read on-line.
So I have no way of knowing if the build is up to date or missing current thinking on modifications.
20240107_161621 1024X768.jpg
Question 2:
I note the "SCAMP ramp" has not been built, according to the March 2013 revision addendums in the assembly manual and looks like it will require modifications.
Is that correct?
20240107_161631 1024X768.jpg
Question 3:
It appears to me, that once the deck and cabin top goes on, you'd have to be a left-handed double-jointed, albino dwarf, to epoxy coat, paint and finish that area between bulkheads 1 & 3.
I also read where epoxy coating is discouraged until the last minute, to take advantage of chemical, versus mechanical bonds.
But I don't see where anything else structural is going to be done, so is there any reason I couldn't give those areas 3 coats of epoxy, wait for cure, then prime and paint and be done with that area?
20240107_161643 1024X768.jpg
Grateful for any suggestions.
Charles Brennan
Almost-A-SCAMP #637
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Re: 10 SCAMP Questions Pt1 of 4

Post by max »

Hey there,

The scamp forum is pretty quiet these days, but I'm in the midst of building mine and so I come back every now and then to see if my question has been answered before. So I can't say I'm an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but here's my take on your questions:

1. I have no idea what year. I'd also say I'm not sure it matters. I don't think there's a full up-to-date set of recommended modifications out there (that I know of) anyway - it's a custom build, so just make sure it has the modifications that you like. I like the ballast tank bottom doubler since that'll allow the water tank to completely drain, so I'd definitely keep that. I put a doubler in my footwell as well as fibreglassed it, but that might have been overkill.

2. You are missing the scamp ramp, correct. Totally neophyte opinion here, but you may not want one. The benefit is that they make putting the mast up much easier. The drawback is that they're a bit catcher for rain directly into the cockpit. At any rate, I'd say it's not a slam dunk to add one if you don't already have it.

3. Yes, you should plan on finishing this front section before the deck goes on. Looks like you still need to attach the "firring" strip on the forward side of bulkhead 2 that helps hold the aft edge of the deck up, and you might want to put some cleats up on the bow for hardware installed later. Either way, before you glue the deck down, make sure the bow is sealed up with paint and/or epoxy.
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