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How do we get more affordable SCAMPs idea

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:39 pm
by johnmcneely
Dear SCAMPers. In a few weeks I may have some influence with a non-profit organized to help people launch businesses and create jobs. I have an idea percolating that would meld this mission into one that also helps more SCAMPs get made and sold out of wood, perhaps with the CNC kt. Building boats out of Wood may be a dying art. In addition, there are distressed communities or those with distressed areas that could use more available jobs.

Enter the idea for a Southern California School of Wooden Boat Building. We could start by hiring an experienced SCAMP builder (building from the CNC kit) to build the school's first SCAMP. This first boat would always be available as the school's model. Building it could verify instructions, tools, materials, shop design, etc., the impact of the particular climate then we could go to two. Most likely we would experience some some economies of scale going from one to two, let alone from 2 SCAMPs being simultaneously built to four. Your thoughts?.