Joint Venture...

The place to discuss SCAMP (Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project), our 11' 11" micro minicruiser.

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Joint Venture...

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Fancy a second boat? I may have a solution.
I’ve created a free system to organise something akin to a syndicate - but more flexible.

I’d love a scamp, but I’ve got nowhere to build or store one. I keep a fibreglass Wayfarer 3hrs away, at a Sailing Center on Ullswater UK. I don’t want to lose that or to maintain a wooden boat there.

What I really want is to share the build and storing of a Scamp with someone nearby, adding use of my Wayfarer into the mix. I tried finding a syndicate, but nothing seems to fit. Opportunities only seem to occur for larger, more expensive boats and almost never for a build project, even if it’s not local.

So I thought I’d create one….

What I have in mind for my own situation doesn’t really fit other syndicate models I’ve seen, so I’ve set out to make things as flexible as possible. With broad categories for the initial search and fine details left for discussion by interested parties once they’ve established contact.

The website will allow users to filter the broad categories of what is shown (type, model and age of boat, anticipated costs, general location, anticipated costs) and leaves more specific details to a general notes section.

I’ll be tweaking the system depending on the feedback I get on forums like this. You don’t need to be actively using the system to have a valid point to make. There’ll be issues I’ve not thought of so I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

Step involved in using the system
Join the site by clicking on the“register” button, then the “free” button
Read the notes on how to use the system
Search through the interactive website to find a suitable syndicate to join
If there’s nothing to suit then add details of a proposed syndicate
If you find a suitable syndicate, go to the Facebook group and use the id number from the site to contact the syndicate members - initially with a message on the page, followed by a private message for both parties to exchange contact details for further, private, discussion & meetings.

Note: The intention is for this system to remain free to use, but If administration starts to take up too much of my time or uses too many server resources then I will impose a small fee to reduce the numbers and compensate for my time / upgrade the server. If that does happen there would be no retrospective costs for existing proposals. This is not a commercial venture.
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