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Crew needs a ride!

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:22 pm
by JohnAThompson
I am available to crew if anyone is still looking at this late stage. I am a lifelong sailor and racer, plus I rowed on the crew team in college. I can still turn in a pretty mean erg time. My experience is in monohulls of every size from Lasers on up to 35' PHRF boats. I have two weeks of vacation available (after that I start leave without pay - Ugh!), so I'd prefer one of the faster boats such as a trimaran or a cat. I had a team set to go, but it fell apart. Reality often gets in the way of our dreams. In this case, none of my crew could get any more than two weeks off and my boat just isn't that fast.

Please give me a call ASAP if you have a spot open. 360-250-6171