2016 R2AK - Getting boats back home

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2016 R2AK - Getting boats back home

Post by JohnAThompson »

I am entering my Harmony 22 sailboat in the 2016 race, and am looking for a way to get her back home after the race.

Would anyone be interested in a free bare boat charter? Pick up the boat in Ketchikan and sail south. Drop her off anywhere in Washington that has a launch ramp. I'll even offer airline tickets to Ketchikan. The boat has two full size berths, a small porta potti and you'll have to use camping gear for cooking. She's a squirelly little dinghy of a boat, so you need to be a decent sailor. I do have an autopilot to make things easier.

Alternatively, maybe she can be barged home and share the cost with the other boats. Anyone looking into this? I'm not sure how I'd get the trailer up there, though with a lift keel she can be placed on dunnage instead.

My last option is for someone to drive my trailer up to Prince Ruppert and back with the boat. However the trailer doesn't have brakes and it will cost more than the trailer is worth to fit brakes to it. So, I doubt that this solution will work. I don't mind driving without brakes on level ground, but not coming down steep mountains.
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Re: 2016 R2AK - Getting boats back home

Post by Dirk Visser 166 »

Hi John,
On behalf of all of us who " Dream" this inspirational event and live through the pop-up possibilities, your generous offer(s) rank right up there at the folklore level. Thank you for validating the spirit of this beautiful and unconventional event!
Bravo , right down to the trailer brakes, and I doubt your proposals
will last the week ! (Wish it was me making the call!)
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Re: 2016 R2AK - Getting boats back home

Post by macdahl »

John-- you may not need a trailer. When I barged my s2 9.1 (30 feet, 7500 lbs) up to Ketchikan a few years ago they slung it right out of the water, blocked it on cradles they had and that was that.. no fuss, no muss.
They barge large and small boats everywhere. Most cannot fit on a trailer.

Call AML and Samson and explain your scenario. They base cost on length, so go off your mast length on deck.
(the S2 was..$2200-2600 based off 46' of mast) --I think, it was a few years ago.

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Re: 2016 R2AK - Getting boats back home

Post by Bmwktm »

Get gizmo to port hardy and I'll take her from there down to horseshoe bay if you don't get a better offer! Might talk Bill or Jeff into it as well?

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