Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by canuk-dxb »

Crew Available for 2017

Mich, age 45, Male

Available for full race

The good stuff about me:

1. Experienced sailor (30+ yrs).

I own and race (successfully) an F28R trimaran and an F18 catamaran. Shots of me here on the F18:

I can helm and crew. Good at tactics, sail & boat trim, cooking, repairs.

I've also raced on a number of monohulls.. but my preference is to sail fast.

2. Fitness.
I'm pretty fit for my age and I weigh 82kgs

3. Easy going.
I'm very chilled and easy to get along with. I keep a cool head in a crisis.

4. I am committed
If i agree to participate i will be there.

The not so good stuff about me:

1. I am Canadian, but i live in Dubai UAE.
This introduces 2 challenges.
a) my body is acclimatized to sailing in the Persian Gulf in 40C/104F temperatures.
b) I am not local. Pre-training may be a challenge. I do work for an airline which
makes traveling easier.

I would love an opportunity to sail in this race.

PM me on:
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by Lelantos »

Crew Available:
Full Race
I live in Bothell, WA and Olalla, WA
I'm a college student that was building a homemade boat for the race with my father, unfortunately we're not able to finish the boat in time for the race, and I'd absolutely like to go with another team!
I've been planning on going for the last couple months, so I've got all the necessary gear, as well as a GPS, personal tracker, and VHF radio.
I know how to sail, and I've practiced intermittently since I was young.
Contact: PM me.
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by chief »

R2AK Crew Available
1. Crew Available
2. Full Race
3. Bob, I live in South Dakota (NOT available for team training)
4. Experience: Have made this passage four times as a passenger on a cruise ship. Skilled as a dead head spotter, @ 12kt. I can spot an average of 65 dead heads per day this time of year after rain. Licensed diesel mechanic. Will consider crewing only on a Foiling Cat minimum 45'. Must pay my travel expenses, provide a dry suit, immersion suit or thick wet suit, provide gourmet food and 8 hours per day of uninterrupted sleep. Scuba diver. Competed as a rower on a quad with coxswain. I can bring my own life vest and PLB. Team player and the life of the party. Hobie 16' owner.
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by scotdomergue »

Boat NO LONGER available; I believe she's sold, to be finalized early January. I'm now focused on a new design to possibly build in spring/early summer and perhaps be ready for R2AK 2019.

This could be an easy, inexpensive and fun way to do the R2AK in 2018. I've decided not to do it this year and will sell my mostly set-up San Juan 21 to someone wanting to do the race for $1000 (currently on Craigslist for $1200). Note that sliding-seat rowing set-up is NOT included in the price. I'd sell that for additional $ or perhaps loan for the race.

She's is a fun and seaworthy boat, fast in light winds, set up for sliding-seat rowing (top of the line Concept 2 carbon fiber sculls); re-wired with mast-head tri-light, etc.; added reefs to main (now has 3), Rocna anchor with 21 feet of chain and 250 feet rode. She could be raced as is or with additional modifications, maybe add storm jib and drifter, etc. Plenty of time. It won't take much to have her ready for R2AK 2018. I'll be happy to send my analysis of min/max prep and race needs and costs to potential buyers.

She could be suitable for 1 to 4 people.

I've been involved with the R2AK from the beginning: in the original promotional video, volunteer on safety related teams first 2 years, last minute member of Team Sailpro 2017.

If interested, let me know.

I intend to devote my boat energies toward design and build of a smaller, lighter boat that would suit me better and could be ready for R2AK 2019.
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by cklammer »

Crew Available
Full Race
Carol Klammer / female, 34 / / SF Bay Area
I'll be in Seattle 12/27–1/1 and available to meet and or sail
Training: Available to come up for a few long weekends prior to race
My experience spans many sides of sailing, from racing, cruising the CA coast, crossing the Pacific, building my own sailing dinghy, volunteer teacher, professional sailmaker, booking charter reservations, lien checks & documentation, & the sailing and maintenance of my own boat, a Cal 34.
I hope the distance isn't a deterrent. Sailing to Alaska is my dream!
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by ebablevart »

Crew Available
Full Race
Gwen Stubbs // f, 36 // // Seattle, WA

This sounds insane, where do I sign up? Looking to crew on a sailboat for R2AK! Experienced with sailing dinghies to cruisers, sailmaking, and navigation.
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by drew »

Crew Available - Full Race

hey, I'm Drew. I'm currently off cruising full-time aboard my Islander 34 in Mexico - I'm headed slowly south, and will likely be in Nicaragua by race time. I'd be interested in coming north to crew on another R2AK attempt if the right spot were to come available!

- sailed with team "Away Team" for the 2017 R2AK, arrived in Ketchikan in tenth place
- about 5000nm of offshore sailing experience, easily as much again coastal/inshore
- experience with monohulls, but my first love is trimarans :)
- professional systems engineering background (computers, but also engines, electrical, rigging, plumbing, etc)
- lots of experience working on big weird projects with mixed teams in harsh environments (14 years Burning Man, though I swear I'm not a flaky hippie)
- Canadian citizen, passport in good standing, no criminal record
- US nationally-registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) valid through 2020
- 41 years old, fit, strong, healthy, clean - non-smoker, no addictions
- excellent in a crisis, but otherwise laid-back, super easy to get along with! :)

please feel free to reach out to me via email ( if you'd like to chat and see if we might be a match.
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Re: Official Crew Available/Wanted Thread (R2AK)

Post by brownt33 »

Looking for a reliable, relaxed crew member for R2AK?

R2AK has been on my list for several years and am looking to crew on a sailboat. I have decent sailing / navigation experience, am easy going, a team player and posses decent Macgyver skills. I’m 53, a US citizen, active, straight shooter.

Look forward to hearing from you . Sail on….

Trey Brown 970-708-0207 or via email at
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