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19 foot race-cruise tri available for 2016 R2AK

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:51 am
by scotdomergue
Sealark is available to prepare for and race in the 2016 R2AK. She is a 19 foot, light cruising/racing trimaran with 2 very small cabins/berths. She needs work and further development. During initial sea trials while we were just beginning to learn how to handle her, we made 8 knots into a nice breeze under sail, and easily sustained 2 ½ to 3 knots by paddle in calms (one person using a single-bladed paddle) – in both cases fully loaded with 2 crew, gear and supplies aboard. With a little further development I think she can be a fun, fast and competitive boat for the R2AK.

I designed and built her last winter (with the help of friends and an intended race partner). We were entered in the first R2AK, but found problems during sea trials. There wasn’t enough time left to do what was needed to be ready for the race. Akas need to be re-built (at least repaired/strengthened) and the forward part of the aft cabin-top strengthened. I think some further development of rigging is also needed. I went as far into savings as I’m willing last year and also borrowed. I won’t be spending much on boats until debt is repaid and savings at least somewhat replenished.

The possibilities I imagine for Sealark include:

Partnership: A partner would provide funds ($1000 +/-?), energy, and perhaps shop space for the work that needs to be done and further development, and would share ownership, further sea trials, race preparation, and race.

Sale: I would be willing to sell her for much less than I spent creating her. I realized during sea trials that she isn’t the boat I want for myself long-term (I’m primarily a minimalist cruiser, not racer; she’s fun, and it’s been a good learning experience, but I can let her go to a new home). I will be happy to consult on design for work needed and further development. I spent over $12,000 on build and race prep and can imagine selling for between $2000 & $5000.

Parting out: If neither partnership or sale happen, I MIGHT be willing to sell her mast (22 foot, carbon fiber, custom made by Forte Carbon Fiber Products, including mast base, gooseneck, masthead tri-light, etc.), boom, professionally custom made sails (main and jib, totaling about 200 sqft) and other things.

Of course, I can just keep her and do needed work as my desires, energy and money allow. I don’t think it will take that much, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get her ready for the 2016 R2AK on my own.

If interested, please get in touch: 509-846-9045,

Thanks, Scot

Re: 19 foot race-cruise tri available for 2016 R2AK

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:22 pm
by scotdomergue
additional info at category "Sealark"

Re: 19 foot race-cruise tri available for 2016 R2AK

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:09 am
by scotdomergue
update: I've designed and begun a fix for the aka problem. It won't take that much, I have needed materials, and I may complete by spring. That still leaves shakedown cruise, further rigging development, etc. Money is no longer a primary issue. And I continue to recognize that she's not the boat I want for myself long-term. I'm open to suggestions/proposals/offers.

Re: 19 foot race-cruise tri available for 2016 R2AK

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:18 pm
by scotdomergue
My thinking has developed further. I know the sort of boat I want - much smaller than Sealark. I'd much rather be working on a new project than spending time and energy on Sealark.

So, I want to sell her, all or parts.

Consider me a MOTIVATED SELLER! I'm ready to sell her for FAR less than I spent, far less than it would cost someone for the materials, not to mention all the time and energy!

It will not take much to correct the problem that emerged during sea trials. I will provide my design for the needed work and/or consult on developing a custom re-work. I continue to think she would be a fast and fun boat for the right person.

Alternatively I would be happy to sell specific things: 22-foot carbon fiber mast, complete with hardware (gooseneck, masthead, etc.), masthead tri-light/anchor light/strobe (mounted and wired), boom, etc.; or just the mast alone with as little or much of the hardware as someone wants. The boom is also available. I have new sails, professionally made main and jib, totalling 200 square feet. All this could be used on either mono or multi - hull. On a mono the mast would not need to be stayed, though on a high performance multi-hull with so much greater stability simple masthead stays would be needed. The hardware will accomodate either/both approaches.

In addition to these I have a new Rocna anchor (4 Kg, galvanized, too big for the new boat I'll build), with chain and rode if desired. There is also a complete solar power system for electronics, though I'd want a significant portion of replacement cost for that as I'm more likely to use it in the future.

So, if you're interested in any of this, please get in touch to discuss. Any serious offer will be considered., 509-846-9045

I'd love to sell quickly so the funds would be available to start work on a new boat. I expect to post to Craigs List and perhaps other venues soon. On the other hand, I don't NEED to sell immediately, so . . .

Re: 19 foot race-cruise tri available for 2016 R2AK

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:26 pm
by scotdomergue
Latest thoughts:

There's been some interest in Sealark, but nothing concrete has come of it. I haven't put much effort into it. There's an add in the current issue of SCA.

If she or her more valuable parts don't sell soon, I'd be open to someone fixing her and doing the little needed further development for this year's R2AK - we'd need to figure out how to protect me from liability and make some decisions about what would happen with her after the race. Let me know if interested:

If nothing else develops, I may offer to donate her to the NW Maritime center.

All my personal boat energy will go toward my new design - if interested, see drawings and info on my blog:

Re: 19 foot race-cruise tri available for 2016 R2AK

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:02 am
by scotdomergue
Sealark remains available for purchase or partnership. There is still time to have her ready for the 2016 R2AK.