Getting boats home from Ketchikan?

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Getting boats home from Ketchikan?

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Hi there friends,

As our plans solidify on how exactly we are going the paddle and sail our way to Alaska, we are now turning our eye to figuring out how to get our boat (and ourselves) home. We have someone driving up to meet us in Ketchikan and then plan on paddling the boat back to Prince Rupert. Looks like we will be able to get our bodies and gear back to Victoria but we are looking to get our boat returned to Vancouver. Seeing as there are almost 40 teams headed all the way to Ketchikan, we thought we would check and see if there were any shipping plans out there that would have space for a 44ft canoe that is 19" wide or anyone looking to split costs on still undetermined transport.

You can respond here or send us an email at

Thanks folks
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Re: Getting boats home from Ketchikan?

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Guy Hopkins of the Gig Harbor Boatshop has offered to bring boats back on his 65ft fishing tender for a small service price that is much much better then the cargo barges.. He will be returning from Ketchikan in early September.
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