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SPOT Trackers

Posted: Tue May 12, 2015 4:53 pm
by Team John
I received some information today that answered a question for me and I hope passing it along will help other racers. I wondered if we would have personal use of the SPOT Gen3 trackers we're renting from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. In other words, could we send "check/ok" or personal messages to family or friends? SPOT says the Gen3 can be set up to send messages to 10 contacts. Dennis McMillan, an official with the RVYC, sent me the following message today: Unfortunately we cannot offer you this personalized message service for you during the race. We have to set up a single profile for the whole set of SPOTS used in the Race with a standard set of safety messages and our system does not easily accommodate multiple personal profiles. The position of each boat is updated every 10 minutes and can be tracked on

John Strathman
Team John