Final # of race entries- 64? 41 & 23

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Final # of race entries- 64? 41 & 23

Post by JollyRoger »

According to latest news release there appears to be 64 total entries and are now on the official list although not all bios are completed. I can't wait to read Jake's Bio on himself! ....Very interesting mix of craft too. Seems like a very good turnout. Many Months ago I could not wait, now I think I need more time! Good luck to all and I look forward to meeting everyone and making many new friends!
And I can't wait to check out the Pacific North West which should be much different than what I am accustomed to seeing. I'm trading the gators, pythons, manta rays and mamatees for killer whales, seals, and grizzlies.....Nice!
Roger Mann, Taylors, SC.
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Re: Final # of race entries- 64? 41 & 23

Post by Monies »

Amazing how many of you "crazies" I already know! Roger and all whom I may have met or written to or know through all the forums and events, I do wish all of you well and God Speed and don't get eaten by a whale nor a grizzly! The world would be a far duller, more boring space without you all in it! :shock:

Much love and good wishes to all, Jackie Monies Sail OK 2015 and Scamp
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