umiak available to right party for r2ak

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umiak available to right party for r2ak

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i have a 24+ foot umiak, with large freeboard but still rows with 10foot sweeps. Currently rigged as a sailing trimaran with crab claw sail. i had been using it to work out rigging issues for an advanced form of crab claw.

this boat is made of estate bent cedar over estate cut fir backbone. 22 oz ballistic nylon with 3 coats of hypalon paint. Floor boards, carbon fiber rudder sheath and fiberglass over foam rudder foil (nearly 5 ft of bite), and similar foils for leeboards. Reason for the foils is the excessive lightness of the boat at barely 300 pounds without humans and gear.

Did 11 knots in 12 knots of wind. With crab set in a particular manner, will ghost along in one half knot winds.

Willing to part with it for the race to the correct party/group. Do not want novices in this boat. Make me an offer.

Pictures at this link of the boat in previous set up. New beam, new foam/fiberglass ama's, and more.

contact me via forum if interested and provide your contact info.
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